I have always loved creating… making huts, imagining whole kingdoms, conjuring cardboard worlds for toys to inhabit… creativity was at the centre of my rural childhood in Golden Bay.

And the landscapes… surrounded by sea and hills, mountains and pasture and ever-changing sky, that long vista out to distant Farewell Spit. What a gift.

I love the land, it stirs something deep in me, a connection, a belonging, a visual feast of colour, tone and texture.

Much of my inspiration is found in the landscapes around me, from my now-home of Nelson and from my home-land of Golden Bay (in New Zealand’s South Island).  Occasionally I dabble in depicting persons, animals and the abstract, but land, sea and sky soon call me again.

Currently my mode of communication is through the mediums of watercolour, oil and acrylic paint.

I also enjoy face painting, henna body art and ballooning twisting, playing drum kit for my church worship team.

I am so blessed to share my life with a lovely husband the three terrific children, wider family, inspiring friends and community.

What does it mean for me to “be an artist”? Basically- I can’t help it!

Ultimately I am motivated by inspiring and challenging people through my art.

Could I point people to the wonder of the world around them?  Could I remind them of places been? Of connections to the land?  Could my Creator God speak through me into the hearts of those he loves? Oh I pray so!

 I love this quote:

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen
— R. Bresson

Thank you 


Meredith in her Studio.jpg

Back Story

Born and grew up in Bainham, Golden Bay.
Primary education:  Rockville School, Collingwood Area School.
Secondary education: Collingwood Area School and Nelson College for Girls.
Tertiary education: Bachelor of Science from The University of Canterbury.

1994-onwards: Worked in the science research field.
1995: Married Jonathan Thorpe.
1996-2000: Lived in Hamilton, NZ and learnt watercolour with Peter Wells. Exhibited with his class.
1998-1999: Worked as an art tutor at IHC Waikato.
2000: Moved to Nelson, NZ.

Attended various classes while raising my three children: Amarah (2001), Malakai (2015) and Aynsley (2008).

November 2013: Solo exhibition, “Renew” - Morrison St Cafe and Gallery, Nelson.
May 2014: Took part in the Butterfly Project at the Refinery Artspace, Nelson.
August 2014: “A Miscellany of Mixed Media” Joint exhibition with Jocelyn Tucker at the Suter, Nelson.
October 2014:  “Water coloured” solo exhibition: Morrison St Cafe and Gallery, Nelson.
2015:  Travelled internationally with my family.
June 2016 : Window artwork for Unite Church on Rutherford Street, Nelson.
July 2016 : Illuminate event - window display in Whitcoulls and Woodlea Floral Studio.
August 2016: Three dimensional work in bark for a Paper Plus shop window promotion. Nelson.
July 2017: Illuminate event - window display in Whitcoulls, Nelson.
January 2018: “The Next Step” Creative Journeys Exhibition. Nelson.
February 2018: “How Great Thou Art” Exhibition. Richmond
April 2018: “Re-mixing Ground” Suter Art Society Exhibition with Peter Copp


  • Yearly exhibitions with the Nelson Suter Art Society since 2013.

  • Stage set work for the Nelson Youth Theatre over the years.

  • Various private commissions and sales.

Calling this site, Meredith Thorpe Artist was an intentional choice - the same one that I have made on business cards. There is something a little scary about applying the term artist to oneself. The word comes with considerable weight and implication. It suggests a seriousness and level of intent that is hard to step back from.

I am an artist. I enjoy art in many different forms, with painting being the one that I come back to time and time again. Nelson truly is a beautiful city and New Zealand has so many different areas to draw inspiration from. It’s no wonder that there are so many passionate artists here.